Boxford Bakehouse offers a popular line of healthy granola and muesli.

Great Heart Granola is specifically formulated to be heart healthy and is an excellent source of energy for an active lifestyle. In fact, we offer one of the few premium granola’s that satisfies the FDA’s requirements for heart healthy food…and delivers exceptional taste.

Great Heart Granola comes in four varieties, two with nuts and two without.Granola-Slider_edited-2

Apple Cinnamon
Blueberry Almond
Cranberry Walnut
Maple Crunch

Low Fat  Heart Healthy  No Added Oil  No Sodium  No Cholesterol  All Natural  Excellent Source of Whole Grains  Good Source of Dietary Fiber 


American Muesli is a blend of traditional European style muesli and crunchy granola. Muesli has long been one of the most popular cereals in Europe, but in America granola is the more favored cereal choice among the two. Our American Muesli combines these breakfast classics to create a nutritious medley of whole grains, nuts, seeds and fruit mixed with maple sweetened granola. It’s an American twist on a European favorite. American Muesli

Banana Nut
Cranberry Pecan

All Natural  Reduced Sugar  Excellent Source of Whole Grains  Good Source of Dietary Fiber  No Cholesterol  No Trans Fat  No Sodium